Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Special Announcements!

So here we go!

We've been thinking hard to find a solution to this particular problem-we are currently facing SEVERE LOSSES because of our prices. There are already a lot of people telling us that we really should increase the prices. They claimed that, 'It is just too good to be true despite how graciously delicious our cookies are!" XD. Well it's true *pfft* from what they said. We had to struggle between the many costs of expenses which also include the electricity, car fuel and etc~ (not to be mentioned here!). So we made a conclusion to solve this problem by increasing our prices. Not to be worry of these changes because we will also improve much on the quality of our packaging as well, insyaallah!

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
100g : RM5 to RM7
250g : RM 10 to RM15 
1400g : RM50 to RM75

White Chocolate Chunk Cookies 
100g : RM6 to RM8
250g : RM 12 to RM 17
1400g : RM60 to RM85 

Caramel Pudding Cookies
100g : RM5 to RM7
250g : RM 10 to RM15 
1400g : RM50 to RM75

P/s: Or you could view the new prices here!

 Here's the deal, these price changes will be effective from 26th of August 2011 (Friday) and onwards. That means, we are giving BIG opportunities for our loyal and valued customers/prospects to put up your orders before that date with unchanged prices. However, we can only deliver them cookies on 3rd of September 2011. (Kita pun balik kampung!HAHA!). Whoever ordered after that date will have to pay with the changed prices. So hurry up and order now!

Next, we believe that most of  you realized that our Raya promo has ended! The deadline was on 21st of August 2011. The past weeks since ever the promo was announced had been hectic! We are really grateful and would like to thank to all of you who had been supporting us, yet bringing referrals about us! Loveyouguys!

We also launched our "Cookies In A Glass Jar" product gift on Facebook and Twitter! We haven't announced our product launch on a blog post yet but since the promotion has also ended, the prices are now changed as well, here are the changes;

Small Cookie Jar (300g of cookies)
RM25 to RM40

Big Cookie Jar (500g of cookies)
RM40 to RM55 

The left is the Big Cookie Jar and the right, the Small Cookie Jar. These are Hot-Selling!

That's all guys! More updates coming soon! We have a lot to tell you, seriously.


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