Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Operation Update!

How long has it been since our last post? Quite long! We've been quiet for awhile too! And a lot of you lovelies have been asking about our operation status, whether it is still ongoing or not, but to no avail, we could not give out the exact date. We are truly sorry for this!

So we have discussed, and I (Amir) will be going back to Malaysia by 24th December to be exact, any changes on the date will be announced as well! So 24th December is the date when our operation will be continued for now! I will be in Malaysia for some time, yes, to continue AFookies' operation (and meeting up my brother, Afif, he was sick, but he's fine now Alhamdulillah!). Then, I will be flying to Bahrain to be with the rest of my family. Subsequently after that, I'll be back to Melbourne on 10th of February. Again, any changes will be announced too!

But our operation will still be ongoing with the presence of Anis of course! Basically, AFookies will be running in two places, Malaysia and Australia! Anis in Malaysia and Amir in Australia. That is one another exciting journey for us! Updates on both places will be posted here in this blog, so as our Facebook page and Twitter account.

We thank you for the love and support that have been given! Keep on supporting us! Thank you!


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