Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cookies are up at AJWA's!

Woke up early in the morning, got meself cleaned and went straight to 'work'. Masa tu I kept on thinking, "Today's the day! THE day (:". Amir came to my place 10ish like that with the freshly-baked cookies and we immediately kick started our day with the A-Fookies ! packaging process along with the sweet smell of cookies. Mmmm~ :D'''''' I sorted out the cookies and Amir handled the cellophane taping part. We even bought 6 different colours of cellos! :D. Cantik. The cookies looked somewhat 'jovial' being placed in the container with colourful tape all around it. Here's how they look like.

Sorryyyy. Terlupa pula nak tangkap gambar dari tepi :(

Tak apa la. Nanti bila2 free atau bila2 ada dekat Kota Damansara tu, drop by la kejap dekat kedai AJWA in Section 6 near Subaidah, Ayam Kampung, Ayam Penyet area tu hee :B. For now, kita orang sempat supply 5 tupps je. Asal bake, ada last minute order. Itu yang tak sempat nak bake banyak2 for AJWA. Aaaaa alhamdulillah la rezeki masuk macam ni. Shukran Allah! (: We won't know if anyone has bought 'em cause the owner will only keep us informed every fortnight about the cookies. But if it so happens that everything's sold out before 2 weeks after today, then we'll be informed. 

Sokong lah A-Fookies ! yaw :D


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  1. waaa...tampak menarik & sedap la.. =) macam nak je... hehehe~