Monday, September 19, 2011

MyEG's Make The (2nd) Pitch.

So, it's time to get our second pitch ready for this Friday! We'll be pitching the investors this time. I might have made a mistake in A-Fookies !'s first entry on this Make The Pitch contest about one and a half months ago. Back then, we had pitched the judges, not investors.

As I was saying, it all comes down to this Friday! We don't really know what we'll be asked but according to the assistant producer, Atong, questions addressed to us will mostly be related to MONEY. So. Money. Mhm. Probably involves a lot of calculation, marketing strategies and whatnot.


Do pray for the best for us, for A-Fookies ! for whatever the outcome may be! Lotta "for" over there eheh. We just can't thank you enough for all the things you've done for us.

Special THANKS to Nur Shahzwani, Anita Roslan and Azalea Tsu for their patronage in A-Fookies !

Pssssttt! Keep flowing us with your orders and support, peeps! 

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