Monday, September 26, 2011

The Elimination.


I believe the title of this time's entry is pretty much apparent to all, is it not? (;
Sooooo. We made our way to Shah Alam for our 2nd pitch on September 23rd. Nervous as we felt when entering the NTV7 building, we saw the grandeur of a professional filming equipment. Done as we're told and everything else, the first contestant was due to pitch the investors. Out of the 3 present contestants (us, inclusive), we were the last to #MakeThePitch.

It was time. We summoned all courage and mustered it into pitching them investors. Our effort was supreme, I would say. Or at least, I felt so :]

We had to wait for about 10 minutes before the announcement (or elimination, if any) was made.

That was when we were told that we did not make it. Now, now. We're not ashamed of our defeat. In fact, we are proud for every single thing we've done for A-Fookies ! as far as we have ventured ourselves in this business ever since the brand came to public nearly two years ago. No doubt, we felt our dream of having our first cafe opened come crashing down on our faces. After the show (to which my watch showed it was 15 to 10pm), we had a little talk or mentorship from the panel of judges themselves! Had an absolutely amazing talk with them. For every word uttered, it came as a spirit of encouragement. Shows how little we know about the biz and real world, really.

As of now, we are getting a few offers from different parties that are seemingly interested in investing in A-Fookies ! How's that for me and Amir who just got eliminated from the show, eh? :D. The chit chat we had with the investors and offers gained that night really uplifted our spirit to bounce back after we have hit the bottom. Yes, yes, yes.

Believe, and you will succeed. Always been our motto ;)

Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 12am, we saw how late it was and headed straight for home. Buuuut! We saw McDonald's Drive Thru near a petrol station in Shah Alam. Amir was famished and so was I. So, you can guess that our eyes were quite fixed on the banner :B. Bought burgers, drinks and everything and stopped at one corner of the petrol station to gorge ourselves with the treats. Yeah, 8 tormenting and nerve-wrecking hours WITHOUT food. That feeling of anxiety we had for over a period had its effect on us alright.

I've got some photos to share with you during our 2nd (and what seemed to be our last) pitch. ENJOY! :)

Taaaaake ONE! :)

"Look at mah phone, Anis!"

"Amir, stop camwhoring." :P

"Ohohoo, this is sooo going on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else!"

"I'm being makeup-ed! :D"

"Howdy, y'all hehe."

Pssstt! There's also a video of me during the makeup session. Don't know if you can watch the video or not cause I can't :/. Click here!

For whatever that's done, we are thankful. Alhamdulillah for the opportunities given. InsyaAllah, we will rise once more and make everyone proud of us.

Losing had never felt this... good?

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