Saturday, October 29, 2011

7 Fun Facts About Cookies !

Hey everyone! Well I think everybody knows what a cookie is, nearly most of the world's population would come across at least a piece of cookie on the kitchen table HAHA! Cookies can be broken down into finer details, there are many more kinds of cookies that ever created or invented in this world. Here we would like to share something very interesting with you COOKIE MONSTERS! ( We love our cookie monsters, truly, you guys are the best! Thank you so much everyone!!!).

7 Fun Facts About Cookies!

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1) Biscotti cookies are famous around the world! You can find them anywhere at your nearby general stores. They are best enjoyed with a hot or warm cup of tea and they also have varieties and flavours! But did you know that biscotti cookies are baked twice? They are called as 'cantuccini' in several areas. So if you're in Italy, Prato where biscotti is originated from, and you're craving for biscottis, make sure you say cantuccinis instead of biscottis! :D

Ruth Graves Wakefield

2) Out of the vast varieties of cookies in the United States, Chocolate Chip Cookies are the most popular among all. (If you ask us, 'A-Fookies !', it would be Caramel Pudding Cookies and also Oreo Pudeo!). Did you know that chocolate chip cookies were made by accident? A very big thank you from all the people across the world to Ruth Graves Wakefield (check out this grandma, she's kinda hot though HAHA...when she was young), who experimented her dough in 1933 to replace nuts with chocolate chips! She then set up her business named Toll House which was actually an inn previously and remained the number one pioneer in cookie making and morsels till now!

The Persians (King Darius, centre)

3) Did you know that cookies are actually firstly originated from Persia which was made around in 7 A.D. I'm not sure whether you Cookie Monsters ever heard of cookie bars before but these cookies made by the Persians should somehow look like that though they are actually more known as cookie cakes!

4) Have you ever watched the movie, 'Shrek' before? Remember that Gingerman who puked chocolate chips? HAHA! Gingerbread cookies from Germany were the first cookies ever associated with Christmas around the world. Strange, and we thought that they were associated in America!

A fortune cookie!

5) Who says those fortune cookies from Chinatown in America were originated from the Chinese? These are just movies influences! They are associated with the Japanese, basing the recipe with the traditional Japanese's cracker. Generally, they are made by the Japanese, popularized by the Chinese and consumed by the Americans!

6)Well they say that you will consume about 35,000 pieces of cookies in your lifetime, but with 'A-Fookies!', you'll consume MORE! Uncountable, that is! :D

This is somehow scary...still

7) Aaahh...Sesame Street, childhood times, *reminiscing*...okay stop. That Cookie Monster from Sesame Street who sounded like someone who can't even sing at all was originally named Sid!

Well do spread this to your friends! Let everybody know about this! You are not a Cookie Monster if you don't know any of these 7 fun facts about cookies! :P

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