Thursday, August 4, 2011

MYEG's Make The Pitch!

July 30th.

Soooooooo. D-Day arrived.

D-Day = Make The Pitch at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama.

Looooooong story short (long posts are a bother, I KNOW), Amir and I got formally dressed that morning and we arrived at Sri Pentas shortly. Fuhhh. Dalam kereta rasa macam nak tercabut jantung! Apparently, anxiety approached us sooner than we thought it would have. Believe it or not, we BOTH practised our script all day long. ALL DAY LONG. Yeah, from the moment our souls returned to our lifeless body, to during breakfast, and up till in the car. And it doesn't stop there. Tell you more in another paragraph, soon!

So this is us just before it is our turn :>

Ahmad Amir Fikri Bin Rosli.

  Anis Farhanah Binti Mohd Suhaimi Yeong.
*Promoting the owners' of A-Fookies ! hihi :B

Anyway anyhow, the pictures were taken 6 bloody long hours after we arrived at Sri Pentas. Yeh, we actually waited a quarter day for the audition. If a complete rehearse of our script takes about 15 minutes, imagine the number of time we've practised! Berbuih mulut! And to add it up, NO food, NO drinks. 6 agonizing hours in the waiting room. 'Twasn't a pretty feeling.

Moving on.

We were by far (there was another session on August 31st) the YOUNGEST to make our pitch to the judges/investors there! Honoured? Fluttered? Excited? Yeaaaah! Terrified? HELL YEAH. There were quite a few who seemed to have approached us for curious or whatever reason. Good talk, we had. When you mingle with the adults/professionals, you'll feel much more matured. Such a great opportunity to widen your horizon! No lies, we felt intimidated at the prelude of the big day. Duh. Two 19-year-olds trynna compete with them-with-coats-and-blazers and all? Then again, you're...

Never too young nor old to engage yourself in the biz world.

A guy told me that when I was asked of my age. So, came our turn at about 5.50pm.

MyEG is supposedly to be having the audition from 10am till 4pm but they had to extend considering the number of participants (they had 10 contestants in Penang and a mere 4 in Johor!)

The dude's adjusting the mini radio-microphone around meh. 

At that point of time, Allah knows how nervous I was. And Amir too, I reckon. Went in, followed by Amir and there we go. Yada yada yada, one of the judges (the only mistress there hihi) probably sensed the tensed atmosphere and tried to loosen it up by interrupting our presentation with, "So you say you're both 19? :)". Yeah, with a smile. Pretty smile, she has :>. We continued with the presentation and the atmosphere just got better by the second! Judges say we have this entrepreneur flair for business and the TV crew broke the momentarily silence into a handful of claps heeee. We were smiling from ear to ear! I had sooo much fun in pitching them investors that I had nearly forgotten we were being recorded! Judges and crews were munching their way to our cookies as one of the crews cracked a joke haha. 

Judge Lee even gave us his business card! And guess what? All three judges handed us their business card! How cool is that, eh? :D. One crew blurted that it was not fair that we got their business card whereas none other participants get any. Of course, he was saying it in a teasy way (;

As there was time-constraint, we had to cut short on our presentation and end it with a simple, "Thank You.". The crews and oh, even the judges gave us a round of thunderous applause! Aaaaaaaaa never felt better, I must say! :B

We left the place in full of hopes and in much excitement!

Aug 3rd.

Guess what again? I was happily having a catnap until my annoying phone's ringtone aroused me ==''. But lookie lookie! I drunkenly answered the phone call and to my astonishment, it was a call from the assistant producer of MyEG Make The Pitch! Miss Athira's the name :). My heart definitely skipped a few beats when she told me Amir and I got through and that they will begin the shooting on August 10th till 20th and continue on September 20th to 26th, unless I am much mistaken.

Apa lagi. Naik gila lah kan XD. I did most of the talking that day. Couldn't resist myself from spreading the news hihi. 

Whatever it is, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for A-Fookies !'s loyal (and non) customers out there. Don't judge us and our capability by our age cause age is nothing but numbers. We will believe and succeed. We will, insyaAllah!


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