Monday, July 18, 2011

AFookies has officially gone OFFICIAL! :D


Kickstarted the day by baking a batch o' cookies at 6.30am today. 3 hours later Amir and I were already on the packaging part. Since there were last minute customers, we couldn't supply school much cookies. We got 15 packets on the shelf at 11am something and by 3.30pm, Azhar told me that the cookies are all out! How awesome is that!? :D. We were thrilled. That, I wouldn't hide nor would I deny. The amount may not be that much but hey, it is quite an achievement, eh? (;

After we delivered the super fresh-baked cookies (they were still warm when we sent it to school), we head to Plaza Alam Sentral in Shah Alam to this Commission of Companies Malaysia to get AFookies registered.

AFookies          <<---- Does any of you realize about this? About our name? Maybe not.

It was originally A-Fookies !. Yes, with the hyphen AND the exclamation mark. Uh huh. We're a bit particular with things like this.

Moving on. Went to register AFookies and turns out there can't be any symbols T_T. Thus, the new name AFookies. Actually, it's AFookies Enterprise now hehe. We have the certificate as proof! Heeee. So excited :D. Pardon me for that. Filled over 7 forms, went back and forth from here to there. Waited for 4 hours plus. Trust me, the waiting part wasn't easy. IT WAS REALLY NOT. Luckily, Amir and I have so many things to be discussed. Like, the competition we're gonna participate at Sri Pentas near TV3, our selling strategies, recipe and all. So it wasn't completely boring.

Now. Since we got everything done today, we decided to go home. Well, duh. But wait! Ain't so fast, missy. Pergi beli ingredients semua duluuu. Pergi sana sini, baru lah balik 6.15pm mcm tu. It was tiring. But sacrifices are much needed at the moment. I, no. WE will stand our ground for as long as the internet shuts down!

 One of the forms that we had to fill-in. There are more, but not to be included here, sorry!


Ze cookies supplied to school were gone in merely 2 hours after being put on the rack! Unfortunately, I doubt the morning sesh kids got the chance to get a taste of the cookies cause we went there at 11am, which is after recess. No worries, lads and lasses. We'll definitely come around 10am tomorrow should everything goes well, insyaAllah! And more supplies this time, too (:


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