Thursday, October 13, 2011

Famous Amos' Secret Recipe

Okay it's not that as if we were to compare ours and theirs (though we actually did HEHE) but it sure looks like everyone has been looking forward to know more about their recipe, so we did a bit of a research and we found this, a quite entrusted link for their mulit-million dollar secret recipe. Not sure whether it is real or fake thought it sure seems like a joke to us HAHA. As we all know, their cookies taste GREAT. Like seriously, everyone loves Famous Amos, especially when you walked past by their kiosk, you'll feel tempted to go and buy their cookies right away! Still, they have one disadvantage, their cookies are a bit too sweet. It depends on people's preferences, really. We make cookies that are satisfying to all of the consumers taking notes of their texture, sweetness and taste and we are glad that people have been complimenting, saying that ours came to their liking, thank you guys!!! So enough said, here's the link, Famous Amos' Secret Recipe. Enjoy!

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