Sunday, August 14, 2011

First day of shooting =B

There'll be a few men with big cameras like this *points at the photo above* filming Amir and I! Aaaaaa. Nerve-wreckiiiing :S. Been in front of the camera once before (twice for Amir) so the second one shouldn't be that hard, I guess. I hope. Just finished discussing with Amir about how we met, how we knew we both loved baking (or cookies, as a matter of fact), how it all started, etc. Soo yeah. Done with the 'script' now. Gonna go to bed in 15, perhaps. Got looooooooooads to do tomorrow! Delivery, baking, shooting, ingredients-and-other-stuff hunting at The Strand, Section 5, and Ikea, hahh. InsyaAllah everything will go well and as planned. Wish us tonnes of good luck for tomorrow (or today)! :B

Been receiving lots of orders everyday, alhamdulillah. Keep them coming, bleeps! (: #iloveafookies

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