Friday, September 30, 2011

Introducing: Oreo Pudeo

It's been a very long time since we came up with a new one to bring up to the AFookies family. Plus, it has been about 2 years since we first started AFookies. Aaaahhh those days *reminisce* ....

And in that 2 years, we have only made four cookies to be added to the AFookies lists. Can you imagine that? Only 4 cookies in 730 days? You guys must be thinking that we've been sitting around doing nothing all along. No! It's because we take it seriously. Introducing a new menu IS rocket science to us. We would allocate about 4 months for us to actually do our homework (research), testing, retrieving comments or opinions, re-testing until we think that we have found the perfect recipe for the particular cookie. It has been a tough journey for us to find the right ingredients, amount and everything else for this one. Introducing, Oreo Pudeo!

Catchy name huh? We tried to come up with something different earlier but after discussing for a period of time, we're agreed to use this name instead, sounds more...mouth-watering hehe. Now let's talk about the ingredients. We're going to tell you guys our secret ingredients, yup, very unusual indeed.

Firstly, 37% of the cookies are made up of oreo, despite of the name, duhh. Delicious, chocolatey melt-in-your-mouth kind of oreo. Next, we added a special ingredient called, 'cookies and cream' which brings out the sweet oreo taste more than you can ever imagine. Because of the 'cream' in it, you'll  notice a slight creamy, buttery taste. If you don't, then your taste buds are just...wrong. The last part, we added something that allows the cookies to actually melt in your mouth. Something very subtle, and inevitable. You'll get the idea! That's as far as we can guys!

We have more photos to share with!

 Who ate that one!?

 Here's something different, if you notice, all of our cookies, they have this air-spaced kind of texture, just like Famous Amos (our rival ), that makes the cookies taste superb! There's a secret to this, really.

Don't worry, we are still matching our prices with the other competitors. As hard as it is, to make these, they're still cheap and affordable, all for you guys! The prices for Oreo Pudeo is the same as White Chocolate Chunk's, that is;

100 grams - RM 8.00
250 grams - RM17.00
1400 grams - RM 85.00

That's all from us this time guys! We are opening our doors to Oreo Pudeo now! Happy ordering! ;)

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