Monday, July 11, 2011

We have stickers now!

Ze official logo (:
First things first, I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. I left me thumb drive in Amir's car (I think) and I had to capture the photo of stickers via webcam. Nonetheless, this is A-Fookies ! official sticker with our official logo printed out. We might alter the design in time but we're gonna stick to this for the time being. So how is it? Is it okay? We try to make the design and all a bit childish cause formality in speaking/writing/design are just not much to our liking. We like it simple and easy for people to comprehend the things we want to convey in whatever we say or do. We are on serious business, but not that 'serious' serious business where you'd see those formal verses on stickers etc. I mean, c'mon. Just look at our flyer! Bet most of you would say it's childish. Deal with it peeps. We're young 'entrepreneurs' and that's how we roll yo hehe. Kidding ;). But I meant every word. Don't be surprised by the childishness of our logo and hand-written flyer :B

We're baking another batch for AJWA (and other customers) now. Just got back from a lot of places today. Giant, The Curve, The Strand, here there everywhere. Bought everything that's needed for AJWA. Colourful cellophane tapes, nice rectangular air-tight containers, all set to be delivered to AJWA if time permits today. Otherwise, it's tomorrow. Do drop by at AJWA Bakery shop in Section 6 anytime, bleeps! A-Fookies ! is a MUST TRY product! Any comment on the cookies (for those who have tried 'em) are more than welcome.

G'day everyone and Assalamualaikum!


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