Monday, August 29, 2011

Our To-Do Lists and Selamat Hari Raya!

Hey there! Days passed and we're already pumped up for more baking! This happens everytime whenever you work too much, yup you can call us workaholics! We've got tons of surprises and plans coming right up. A piece of tranquility is all you need to get these ideas coming to you and all you need to do now is just execution!  


That's the only thing that we need to do now. Nevertheless, everybody is on holidays, and that includes the people who we will work with, packaging guys, we call them. Now that's a hint there! Plans on our new packaging despite of the newly increased prices. But we thought that we would make this as a separate division from the announcements earlier. In other words, different prices for the cookies with the special packagings! (We CUSTOM our own packaging, yeah!)

Next, we are going to buy our own oven! Gas oven that is! That is because electric ovens would consume large chunks of your budget! Oh yeah they really did. Left us half of the amount that we should have. 10 slots of trays, gas operated, that's all we need to speed production and save costs!

We'll also have to pitch the investors again for the MakeThePitch programme and that makes our second time pitching to them. Been doing a lot of reading/watching sources as references. It excites us, truly, at the same time making us feeling so nervous. Whatever the obstacle is, we're going to go through them and never look back. We will get the investment!

Guess that's all folks! Our to-do list this time, 1) Custom new packaging, 2) Buy our first oven, 3) Pitch investors. Seem like an ordinary list but would take a heck of confidence and  work to accomplish! Best luck for us! invite your friends/colleagues to 'LIKE' our facebook page and 'FOLLOW' our twitter aye? Thank you!

Finally, Selamat Hari Raya!

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