Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something Special For You!

We had been thinking on this one particular idea, that would perhaps give values to each and everyone of us. That, it would somehow help you and me improve our...baking skills! We will dedicate our ideas, tips, dos and don'ts to you. In this way, we hope that we could contribute something valuable to our customers and form a community of bakers here!

On top of that, we would like to invite everyone to contribute as well! Anything as long as we can share the knowledge for the greater good. So make sure you always revisit our blog/site to get aaaaaalllll of that good stuff aite!:D

One last thing, we would like to announce that at some point later on, we will move to a new domain. YUP! We are getting ourselves our own domain name and hosting, finally! The official date is not yet to be announced though the process is still ongoing. No more sub-domain WOHOO! That's all guys!

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