Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Distinct Instinct

OMG guys!I have a feeling that this new cookie is going to be a blast that it will throbs every consumer's heart to crave for more!Presenting...The White Chocolate Chunk Cookie!It all started yesterday when suddenly this adrenaline to bake came to me.So then I decided to do a quick check ups in my mind what ingredients I already have at home.Sometime at 6pm,I was already at the baking store.I wanted to do something new this time,maybe something a bit different than before,The Chocolate Chunk Cookie that I baked earlier.I bought the necessary ingredients and went back home directly.Lo and behold,the cookies turned out so damn good that I guarantee people will like it!Guess what?I had been receiving orders from my friends once they tried out the samples!It's going to be a busy weekend for me after this!Stay tuned!

 Melted chocolate chunks...they look 'angry' somehow

 Look plain as hell,taste as heaven

*Quick updates on 'Our Cookies! :D' section,check the prices,you'll be glad! :)


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