Friday, April 15, 2011

That New Cookie And Other Stuff

Okay it was two actually!One is the famous double chocolate white chocolate chip cookie that has been requested by my colleagues and customers and it turned out to be very good!It's been a week after the cookie's batch and I've been receiving more orders for the cookie!The second one was oreo-filled cookie but it turned out to be very bad.It was rather a failure since the oreo bits that i've crushed and filled and mixed with the cookie dough burnt in the oven the moment the dough was cooked!Guess that didn't work out.But hey,at least I got another cookie to be added into the cookie list now :).

It's quite hard to balance between studies and business when most of the time,you're staying at the campus instead at home where my 'office'-the kitchen,is at.I wanted to spend more time on baking but I got other things to be done too.I can't wait for my foundation programme to about,two months I guess?I'd take courses and learn more about baking!I just can't wait for that!

One more thing,I better start uploading pictures to make my posts more interesting rather than just words to read.I understand how boring it is.Perhaps,vlogs of my own cookie journey!


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