Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stickers (Probably)!

So I'm back to baking after a very long rest at home.Yeah,I'm on holidays guys!I got plenty of time until my degree programme starts!Guess what?Three weeks without that smell of fresh baked cookies in the oven ain't gonna loosen my sweet thumb's...spirit?
I've just baked a double batch just now,in case,since my mum told me that her friends have been asking about the cookies.Well what's in for today's post?


YUP!But...there's nothing to be sure of yet since I'm gonna check and compare the amount of KACHHINGG that I have to spend on the stickers.What am I gonna do with the stickers?
What else?Put them on the containers of course!Give them that well-branded look like never before!

 Being epic on the a tester,before the whole batch


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