Thursday, January 26, 2012

Healthy Butterscotch Cookies (with oatmeal) VS Famous Amos'

It has been a busy start of year 2012 for us! With our newly released (but actually prototype-kind-of) cookie, the healthy butterscotch, yup, haven't got a name for it, many have been reviewing and giving positive feedbacks to us though! Which...we totally appreciate it!

Why did we decided to make these? Well we tried to match ours with Famous Amos' actually. Yes they have the same flavour, butterscotch as well, but not with oatmeal. The results? You can order some and taste the difference! Once you do, spread it on your Facebook, Twitter or any other social medias that you use! :D

Our objective here is to let as many people know about AFookies. We have been doing this for about 2 years and of course, what a bumpy road we've been through!

And as for this butterscotch cookies, we thought of baking them only for special occasions! Yes! Special occasions! We would like to see how many of you agree or disagree with this. Do drop your comments for this matter, thank you!

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