Friday, January 20, 2012

Cookie Monsters + diet = isitevenpossible?

Answer to that *points at the title*, A BIG FAT YES!
Sometimes, people think all this "diet cookies" are nothing but a sham. To be perfectly honest with you, we did too. That was of course until we made some research about it online, even through books.

So, we'll be dividing this time's entry into several parts. Read everything because you don't want to miss out on the goodness of diet cookies for you and most importantly, your health!

The Diet Cookie: What it is.
Being hungry and craving sweets are two of the main reasons people fall off their diets. But what if eating cookies and not being hungry was part of your diet plan? Of course, these are not your grandmother or mother's cookies. Instead, they're designed to be meal replacements! Can you believe that? Cookies? Meal replacements? *jaw drops!*
Some good stuff in diet cookies are fiber and protein. Normally, we get fiber from eating wholemeal (or not) biscuits, bread and all that, protein from fish, even supplements!

Do you know what fiber and proteins are for?
For those of you who don't, these two are needed to keep you full. Tell me, is there anyone out there who doesn't like the feel of being full? 'Course there isn't! Hehe.

That is why......... *drum rolls*. Introducing,
The Butterscotch Cookies!
Now, the Butterscotch Cookies is still new on the menu and it's only available from now onwards till the end of Chinese New Year. It's a specials from us during this festive season so come and grab some while you can! :)

Okay, this Butterscotch or diet cookies, as we call it (list of ingredients will be shown in later section!) aren't nearly as sweet as our Caramel, Oreo Pudeo, White Chocolate Chunk and Classic Chocolate Chips but they are certainly palatable!

The Diet Cookie: How It Works.
Frankly, if you have a problem on how to overcome your cravings, then you really need to read this. First off! No more dithering on what to eat for dinner! By consuming diet cookies, believe it or not, it's a relatively mindless diet strategy for you to keep up with your diet plan. Okay, I'm gonna show you how diet cookies can really make you lose those extra pounds!

1. Eat 4-6 diet cookies a day. This will supply you with somewhere around 500 calories. Do not underestimate what 4-6 cookies can do to you (or in this case, your body). This much would suffice to suppressing hunger, fiber and other ingredients that digest slowly to help keep you feeling full for a whole day! How cool is that!

2. Make dinners simple. Keep your dinner to lean meat, protein and veggies OR just cut down on the oily stuff and eat more greens and you're good to go! To most of us, we'd usually opt for the latter. Am I not right? ;)

3. Follow the first two steps in a consistency and you'll be able to notice the difference in 2 weeks, I assure you!

- Oatmeal;
- Butterscotch pudding;
- Less sugar;
- Less butter;
- Less vanilla;
- aaaand, less eggs!

Mind you, vanilla and egg can be big contributors to our 'healthy' appetite! Vanilla increases your craving for sweet things and eggs, they just contain a little too much protein if it isn't consumed in moderation.

P/s: Pssstt! Wondering how we know all this? Well, we read A LOT about the ingredients we use so we're aware of what and how each ingredient affects the consumers!

No deceit, no falsehood, it really IS that simple to lose weight, people! And with our new Butterscotch Cookies, you can do even more with your diet. Just look at the list of ingredients! :D

Now, who says Cookie Monsters can't slim down with cookies again?

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