Friday, December 16, 2011

How To Store Your Cookies

Okay so quite a lot of you wondered and asked, 'how do i keep the cookies without getting them stale?'. Clearly you guys did not do your homework HAHA!

Okay so there are two methods for you to use, depending on the kind of cookies that you wanna store. These two kinds are, the soft cookies and the crisp cookies. As for AFookies, we only make crisp cookies, FOR NOW! :D.

So this is how you keep your soft cookies,

-Store them in a container with a tight lid

-Soft cookies have a lot of moisture in them, so if they tend to dry out, add a slice of apple to the container

And this is how you keep crisp cookies (or AFookies),

-Crisp cookies should be kept in a container with a loose lid, but tight enough to prevent air ventilation

-Crisp cookies are supposed to be dry, so if they catch moisture, redry them by putting a piece of bread to the container to absorb moisture

That's all folks!

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