Sunday, December 11, 2011

Get Slim With Cookies

First of all, i wanna start by referring that AFookies' cookies are all made with healthy ingredients! We can guarantee you that, and of course, our cookies do not contain nuts since we are afraid that some of you might have allergies against nuts so it really is a concern for us to take precautions! Here I would like to list you out the benefits of eating cookies! Yes one has been list out as the title above! Bet you girls are jumping happily now for finally found an alternative way to slim down while still having a good eating appetite, not having the guilt consuming sugar confectioneries! Alright here are the benefits of eating cookies!

1)Cookies are high protein, high fiber foods that are designed to eliminate hunger and cravings.

2)Provides all the nutritional support, energy and fullness and replaces your daily 'energy bar' to boost your performance each day.

3)Releases and relieves stress as they are also categorized as 'comfort food'.

4)Cookies are perfect as desserts after meals or as 'fullers' to make you feel full eventhough u didn't consume enough for your meal time.

5)It has been proven that eating cookies are a method of dieting, replacing meat for your meals to cut down all of the unnecessary calories while still making u feel full.

Cookies usually contribute to your health and essence of mentality to make you feel better. However, there are a lot of types of cookies out there which I will mention in the next post! Each of them has their own specialties, and some even were accustomed to their late traditions that lead to their present tastes and looks!

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