Tuesday, July 5, 2011

That So Called Threshold & Cookies (More)

Success is like a door with a threshold.The difficult part is just to move the threshold away and you're good to go!Sounds easy but just hard for you to comprehend.It's just really confusing for us to understand why some of our efforts,well,they dont produce anything.It really is true when people used to said that you will learn so much things in business.The hardships and everything.But always remember to never ever give up.You are not a loser until you give up!*Oops,took that from my friend's facebook quote,sorry pal!


I did a bit of baking again!The recipe just stucked into my head that I didn't need to check the ingredients required from the recipe book again.I've done more of baking sessions before but I forgot to take pictures.Oh well,as usual,their taste just brings you in a trance<---if I were to describe how special the cookies are!*winkwink*

Here are the pictures of today!Fresh baked cookies all the way~

 In the oven!

 You guys should be there to smell the sweet aroma!

 There you go!One out!

 Oh look!More of them!

 This looks so scrumptiosLAH!

Want them?Order now!:)

There you go!Every cookies that we bake are filled with love so as these ones!We checked the amount needed properly,mixed them perfectly,cooked them patiently.Everything was done to its fullest perfection!We serve the best to our customers!


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