Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fired up for A-Fookies, all over again.

Soooooooo A-Fookies is on a HUGE promotion at the moment. :D :D :D. BUT, the promotion is only applicable to the KD 9 residents. Please don't say it isn't fair. We'd open the promotion to all but not at the moment. We're sorry :(. InsyaAllah if the business gets better in time, we'll make more promos to all around KD! No promises though :B. So here's how the flyer looks like.

Drawn and written by me partnerrr arrrr x)

It's good, no? I believe hand-written flyers are much awesome-er (:

So here goes my promotion line *ahem*

KA-BAM cookie monsters! EXCLUSIVE attention to the residents of KD 9 here! The BIGGEST promotion yet is ongoing till next Sunday (June, 3rd)! Prices are at an absolutely CUT-RATE.

RM3 for 100g (RM5, originally)
RM6 for 250g (RM10, originally)
and RM30 for 1175g (RM50, originally)

Feel your tastebuds tingling for some freshly-baked cookies? Text/call us now!

Amir Fikri - 010-8997535
Anis Farhanah - 013-6450161

Oh, you could contact me (Anis) too to place your order. Tell you what, whenever you feel like you're suddenly craving for sweet stuff which often happens to us, notably teens, or you're just having a sweet tooth, feel free to text/call us any time around the clock! Let us know your name, amount of order, and address. Especially you who lives in KD 9. It'll be such a waste of opportunity to try out our invention at such low costs!


So Amir and I made another batch yesterday (it's past 12am). Actually we made a couple batches. Gonna give samples to all and sundry today (Friday). InsyaAllah we'll hand out the flyers to the whole neighbourhood tomorrow after friday prayer and we'll see if we could get any positive feedback *full of hopes*. The neighbours and in fact just anyone who live in Kota Damansara may ask for samples from us. We'd be glad to have you taste our home-baked delight before you make your purchase.

 Cookies in the making!

 There you go!First take!

 Second take!

 Third take~!

P/s: The photos taken yesterday are all with Amir and I was told that he'd upload 'em later. Be sure to view our blog frequently for updates on posts and entries!

- Anis -

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