Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Kisses" for all!

That's right!

We said it right. ;)
Presenting... *drum rolls*

Aren't these Kisses just lovely?

It's fairly new in the production but it's been getting a lot of positive reviews from our customers!
Of course, we only use the best ingredients for our cookies. :)

Oh and did you know that we're using Toll House White Chocolate Kisses for our Velvet Kiss?
These Kisses are better than Hershey's! 

Some even suggested we replace the white chocolate with macadamia nuts and use cream cheese as filling!
Wouldn't that be just wonderful to nibble on? 
Good or bad, keep giving us feedback, everybody!
We don't only need to hear the good ones. Negative feedback can be taken for improvement as well as quality reevaluation. :)
You can check for the pricing terms here.


Another announcement to be made here:
The Classic Chocolate Chip cookies and White Chocolate Chunk will no longer will be available as of now.
AFookies is going on to a new concept whereby new- and different-flavoured (coloured, too! :D) cookies will be introduced from time to time.
So for all of you who enjoy trying different flavour of cookies, stay tuned to AFookies!
We might have a big surprise for you soon. ;)