Thursday, December 29, 2011

Barts Cookies

Okay so I was strolling over Youtube videos for ideas on cookie packaging and I found this video from Barts Cookies ( His cookies sure look good but they ain't crispy as ours. Their concept is more towards puffy and chewy cookies, something like that. But I love the oozing melted chocolate chips from the cookies. Makes you feel like having them right away! Ordering them...I mean.

I tried to google search an image from their website but couldn't find any. So here's a video from their Youtube channel. So this is how they pack their cookies. Easy. Not much of a presentation but ensures safety for deliveries. I wonder if this Bart guy is still baking now?

And I went to check out the website too, and found out, that the website was even visited by Malaysian residents! Quite a lot of Malaysian are consuming his cookies! Talking about branding here! He's kind of good! Despite Bart is actually a trainer and a lecturer as well.

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