Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To Adjust Your Oven's Temperature

The oven's temperature plays a big role in determining your baking results. You would either get your cookies crispy, crunchy or chunky, based on the temperature used. Not many people know about this since they thought that ingredients are the bulging factors for that perfect cookie!

Each point of temperature used produce different results. Two main things that you've got to remember,

1) The lower the temperature, the slower your cookies will get cooked, the crispier/crunchier they will be.
2) The higher the temperature, the faster your cookies will get cooked, the chunkier they will be.

It would be your choice on how you want them to be. Some people would prefer the crispier versions, and some, vice versa. If you ask us, it depends on our customers since we take special requests!

We're not saying that you should go as lowest as you can, or as high as you can to get your preferred results, instead, you should try and experiment with different temperatures for each batch of cookies you bake. There is always a perfect temperature point for each recipe that you use. Our best advice? Experiment!

Also, every oven is designed differently but they have this same function where you can set your thermal fan to focus at the middle part of the oven, lower, or upper. It is always a good thing to focus it at the middle since heat will be transferred evenly throughout the middle part. So where do you from here? Place your trays of cookie dough at the middle so that they will be cooked evenly. Always check and shift your trays as well.

That's all folks! :P

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